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Summer is a time of celebration. It calls us to be out in the sun, dance wildly under the stars, and walk barefoot on the soil of Mother Earth. To share the magic of being alive we invite you warmly to join our yoga retreat in the middle of a cork oak forest in Southern Portugal. In a communal setting we will share our truths and harvest the fruits of the seeds we have sown. 

Pachamama is a word originating from the Latin-American Amazonas used to describe the Earth as a Mother. During the retreat we will pay attention to all the blessings she bestows upon us, as well as connecting deeply to the support that she gives us every day. We remember that we are never alone, always carried by her firm soil. 

In a clear daily rhythm, we dive into the practice of Hatha,Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. This involves mantras, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and asanas (poses). Furthermore the program includes singing circles, rituals and playful practices such as partner yoga. Likewise there will be plenty of time to turn inwards during the morning silence and during walks in nature.

We are honored to invite you to the enchanting land of PermaLab, a research center and re-treat space close to Odemira with an emphasis on permaculture, community building and creative practices aiming towards a sustainable living model. 
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Jeska Onderwater is a Dutch yoga teacher and singer-songwriter. Through yoga she discovered the power of mantra singing and started to incorporate mantras and heart songs into her performances and own songwriting. Recently she returned from a journey through mystical India where she experienced new levels of opening her voice and body through song and movement. She believes that both singing and dancing are healing practices which help us calm our minds, express our feelings and come into alignment with the wisdom of our bodies. During the retreat she will guide gentle yet strong Vinyasa flow yoga as well as calm and deep yin yoga classes.

Jorien van Dam was born and raised in the Netherlands and started practicing yoga at the age of 16. Progressively she discovered the incredible healing power of breath, movement and sound. Yoga has been teaching her to listen to her body, connect with her inner truth and accept reality as it is. In 2017 she completed a teacher training in traditional Hatha yoga. Ever since she has been guiding yoga classes with love and passion to both adults and children. During her travels in and outside of Europe she has been part of different permaculture and community projects, learning more about sustainable lifestyles. Last year she hosted her first yoga retreat in the mountains of Switzerland, which was a profound and nourishing experience that stimulated her to continue organizing projects like this. During the retreat she will guide traditional Hatha yoga sessions each morning and share her experience with different types of bodywork and music. 
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Organic vegetarian meals (dietary requests are possible if you let us know on time (e.g. vegan/gluten-free)

Shared room (2-3 pers.)
Your own tent/camping equipment

350 EUR (includes yoga sessions, workshops, meals and accommodation)

*If you feel the wish to join but your financial situation is keeping you from doing so, please don't hesitate to contact us and we see what we can do.

To book your spot, please fill out the following form:

Not sure if this retreat is for you? Further questions? Please don't hesitate to send an email to

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