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The Rose Path: Avalon Women's Retreat

16 - 20 May 2024
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‘“It does not matter what you are to do, she said, just as softly.

What you are is something different. Thát is what you have to learn.”
from 'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley 

I arrived amongst the hills of Glastonbury in March 2020, a short week before the pandemic made countries close borders and traveling impossible. It was a week well spent, surrounded by the lush gardens of the Chalice Well, the mystical energy of the Glastonbury Abbey, the magnificent Tor hill and its valley filled with apple trees preparing to bear fruit. I met with ancient oak trees and a feeling of belonging in a place I never visited before. After flying home with one of the last outgoing flights I started receiving dreams about The Rose, the Holy Grail and their intricate connection with the way of love walked by Yeshua & Mary Magdalene about 2,000 years ago. It was the start of a magical rose journey that took me on a pilgrimage through France, England and Scotland, deepening my connection with myself and this precious planet we walk upon. When I visited Glastonbury again in October 2023, a seed was planted to offer a magical women's retreat on this powerful land that is said to be the heart chakra of the Earth. Walking this land has changed my life and I feel excited to offer a long weekend in Glastonbury for other women to experience the magic of Avalon too.

This is a warm invitation for a magical journey into the remembrance of who you truly are,

in the mystical lands of Avalon in Glastonbury (UK) from May 16-20, 2024.

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The Isle of Avalon

Two thousand years ago Glastonbury was called 'Ynis Witrin', meaning 'Isle of Glass', and it was surrounded by a vast lake upon which mists often gathered and clouded the island. It is partly through this misty aspect that Glastonbury is associated with Avalon: in Arthurian legend Avalon is an isle of enchantment, only accessible by traveling through the mists. Also nowadays the mists often gather around Glastonbury, resulting in a magical vista that feels like an invitation to another world.

Glastonbury is one of the pilgrimage places on the Rose Path as it has an ancient connection with the divine feminine. It is said that Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary arrived in Glastonbury together with Joseph of Arimathea after the resurrection of Christ, in search for a safer home to continue spreading their teachings on the way of love.​ Glastonbury is also known to have been a site of pre-Christian goddess worship, and it is very likely to have been the location of a feminine mystery school. 


Legend speaks of how Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail with him and then buried it in a secret place, said to have been just below the Tor at the entrance to the underworld. The spring at Chalice Well is believed to flow from there. Another interpretation of this story could be that the Grail represents the feminine womb space, referring to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary that came with Joseph as priestesses initiated in the feminine blood mysteries and more generally alluding to the feminine power of creation.

The ancient wisdom held in the land surrounding Glastonbury is tangible until today, with many sacred sites in the area that are full of magic. During the Rose Path Retreat we will visit many of these sacred sites, guided by the medicine of the Rose to help us feel, heal and renew the places inside of us that ask for our loving attention. 

The Rose: A Path of Feminine Power and Wisdom

On each full day of the retreat we will be working with a different color rose, to anchor its teachings and vibration into our body. On Friday we will journey with The Pink Rose, which teaches about forgiveness and compassion. The Pink Rose is here to help us learn to love ourselves and each other better. She invites us to soften and find inner peace, helping us to ground and feel safe and secure in the temple of our body. On this day we will visit the Chalice Well to connect with the fluidity of the spring water and the soft enchantment of the Chalice Well gardens. In the afternoon we will hold a nourishing Pink Rose ceremony with movement, sound & sharing.

Saturday will be The Red Rose day, connecting us with our embodied feminine essence expressed through our sensuality, passion and creativity. The Red Rose stands for who we truly are. Like the energy of Mary Magdalene, she reminds us of the power of the womb as a creator of life and of the courage in our heart to express and live our truth. On this day we will visit the Glastonbury Abbey where we will connect with the powerful energy of the Lady Chapel on the land where the remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are said to be buried. In the evening we will hold a Red Rose ceremony with a womb blessing ritual and Ecstatic Dance, embodying our truth through intuitive movement.

On Sunday we will work with the White Rose in connection with the energy of Mother Mary. The White Rose is all about innocence and clarity, illuminating what is hidden in the shadows so it can be transformed. It is the Rose that guides us back to the purity of our hearts time and again, reminding us of our simultaneous divine ànd human nature. On Sunday we will walk up the Glastonbury Tor to connect with this sacred hill that holds powerful frequencies of clarity. Later in the day we will visit the White Spring for a White Rose baptism in the sacred waters of the spring, clearing anything that does not serve us any longer so we can continue our path renewed.


Daily schedule

08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast

09:30 – 13.00:  Rose Path Morningoutdoor visit to a sacred site

13.00 – 16.00:   Lunch ~ Rest ~ Free Time

16.00 – 19.00:   Rose Path Afternoon

Pink, Red & White Rose ceremonies

19.00:   Dinner

20.30 – 22.00:  Singing Circle ~  Fire Evening ~  Free Time


We will be staying in the beautiful Sambogaya Venue, tucked away in a peaceful side street of Glastonbury town and not far from the Chalice Well. Sambogaya opened its doors in October 2023 after a renovation and its new owners have put a lot of love and care into every detail of the spaces. Mealtimes will be held in the cosy kitchen or outside in the courtyard when the weather allows. Our indoor activities will be centered in The Temple Room, a magical space with a wooden floor, fireplace and plenty of room to move, meditate and create. Apart from the garden, kitchen and temple room, there is a reading room where you can go to read calmly or simply relax. Sambogaya offers different shared and single rooms with a shared bathroom, all with their own special twist. There are two accomodation options, you can either choose to stay in a single room or a shared room with 2-3 other women.

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Retreat Team

Jeska Onderwater

Jeska Onderwater is an artist, singer-songwriter, yoga teacher, creative workshop & ceremony leader. Fascinated by the beauty of the natural world, the magic of creative expression and the mysterious journey of life she creates her offerings from and for the heart.

In 2020 she started receiving dreams about Roses and Mary Magdalene which lead her on a pilgrimage through England, France & Scotland. Her journey brought her to magical feminine power places and meetings with soulmates amongst which her life partner. It inspired her to start writing a book, create new songs as well as include the magic of the Rose Path in her offerings.

Jeska has been sharing her music and creative guidance in yoga classes, festivals, retreats, workshops, concerts & ceremonies all over Europe for the last 10 years. In deep attunement with the whispers of the Earth and those of her own heart she creates safe, loving spaces for deep remembering and creativity to flow through. 


Caroline Frederix

Caroline has always been fascinated by good food. 

From her childhood home she inherited an interest in baking traditional sweet pies and other good stuff from the oven. In her mums kitchen, delicious, healthy and responsible eating came naturally. Food from the garden, local and seasonal products, fresh and home-made.

Caroline still enjoys baking and cooking and has been able to gain a lot of inspiration during her worldwide travels. From a RAW chef course in Australia, getting inspired by the Ayurvedic cuisine in India to working on food truck festivals throughout Belgium: food is her passion. As Caroline gained more experience, she also began to find the healthy aspect of food increasingly important and this is where her focus is now. She chooses to cook vegetarian or vegan, working with organic, local and seasonal products as much as possible.

More info via:

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What other women say:

about retreats with Jeska

Floral Wreath 1_edited_edited.png

Having Jeska's guidance was reassuring and relaxing. She speaks Iona's language, she was her spokesperson, knowing exactly when and where to go, sharing knowledge in a humble way. She and her team took care of every detail, and they were all very open to adapt. The programme was diverse and full of sensorial activities that deeply touched our souls, with time to fully experience the "nothingness', to be heard and to feel welcome. I am very thankful and happy to have said yes!

~ Carla Borges (Brazil) on the Iona Women's Retreat 2023

It was the retreat of my life till now. So much sacredness in a weeks time, I mean... I'm happy to be aliiiiive! Thank You all so much for making it possible to experience all that. It definitely started working some magic, I feel so much stronger and connected. I am proud of all of us. It's definitely one dream came true for me.


~ Iringó (Hungary) on the Iona Women's Retreat 2023

It felt like I was in a whole new world. A different dimension. I was really tuned out of my daily life. It was magical to be with a beautiful group of women. Slowing down in nature, the ceremonies, connecting with the women, myself and my holy spirit! It was a beautiful experience! Everything was so aligned! I'm feeling more clear in my body and mind. More space for new things and adventures. Feeling really soft to myself. I got rid of blockages inside and feel more clearly the direction in where I want or have to go.


~ Arielle (The Netherlands) on the Iona Women's Retreat 2023


Option 1: 777 eur0 (1 spot left)

bed in shared room for 2 or 3 with shared bathroom

Option 2: 999 euro (sold out)

bed in private room with shared bathroom

Deposit to reserve your spot: 333 EUR

Balance due by the 1st of May 2024

Payment plans available upon request

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel before the 1st of April, you will receive a 90% refund

  • If you cancel between the 1st of April and the 1st of May, you will receive a 50% refund

  • After May 1st, we're unable to give any refunds, but you can transfer your spot to a friend

What's included?

  • 4 nights accommodation at the wonderful Sambogaya Venue

  • Three delicious vegetarian meals a day by Caroline

  • Unlimited Rose Tea served throughout the day

  • Full Rose Path program with Jeska


Full Rose Path program:

  • Pink, Red & White Rose Ceremonies

  • Feminine Healing Stories & Meditations

  • Ceremonial hike to the Glastonbury Tor

  • Visit to the Glastonbury Abbey & the ancient Oaks of Avalon

  • Visit to the Chalice Well & The White Spring

  • Intuitive Dance, Singing Circle & Sound Journey

  • Creative Writing, Nature Connection & Womb Blessing

And a whole lot of magic & nourishment!

What's not included?

  • Travel to and from Glastonbury

  • Additional snacks or meals in local restaurants

  • Any other expenses outside of the retreat program

How to get to Glastonbury?

By plane/public transport:

Flying into or traveling from Bristol is most convenient as there is a direct bus from Bristol to Glastonbury town. From the bus stop in Glastonbury town hall it is about 10 minutes walking to the Sambogaya venue. Flying into London is another option, you will then have to take a train to Bristol Temple Meads from London Paddington station. At Temple Meads you take bus line 376 to the Glastonbury Town Hall stop. This journey from London to Glastonbury by public transport takes about 3,5 hours.

Another option is to travel with the Eurostar train from Paris or Brussels to London and take the train to Bristol or Bath from there.

By car: 

On the Glastonbury Abbey website you can find directions on how to arrive by car

You can park at various spots in the outskirts of the center of town for free.



Feel free to contact me directly for any questions or to schedule a call if you're wondering whether this retreat is for you. I'm happy to connect with you!


Follow me on Instagrafor more sharings on the retreat via stories & posts or sign up to my monthly newsletter here

With love,



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