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Midsummer Women's Weekend: 21 - 23 June 2019


This is warm invitation for a weekend retreat of sisterhood and sharing in the beautiful nature of the Brunsummerheide in the south of Limburg. We will gather on the weekend of the summer solstice to celebrate our femininity and cherish our connection to Mother Earth.

Feminine energy is rising and the world needs the wisdom of our souls to shine through in order to evolve. As women we have the power to bring things back into balance, to rise as one tribe for the Earth and for humanity. It is beautiful to see how more and more women are committing themselves to living their lives in alignment with the whispers of their soul. This is a beautiful, yet not always easy process that comes with challenges.

This weekend invites you to slow down, to breathe, open up your senses, ground and open up to receive the blessings of sisterhood and sharing in a natural environment. This retreat is designed to nourish your body, mind and soul in a loving space of sisterhood, carried by the earth. We will go back to our roots, camp in nature, circle around the fire and open up to the wisdom of our bodies.

  Cacao Ceremony and Voice Activation + Healing Circles with Jeska Onderwater
- Morning Yoga & Meditation with Rianne Toenhake
- Soul Photography with Suzan Engelen from La Lente Vista fotografie

1. FULL WEEKEND PACKAGE: 295 euro p.p. (includes all mentioned below)
2. MIDSUMMER CIRCLE 21.06 + ONE NIGHT STAY: 65 euro p.p.
(Women's Circle on Friday evening, one night stay + morning yoga and breakfast included)
3. MIDSUMMER CIRCLE FRIDAY 21.06 ONLY: 25 euro p.p.
(see info via the separate FB event: )

- Three days + two nights in nature
- Healthy, organic meals + snacks and drinks
- Midsummer Women’s Cacao Circle 21st of June
- Morning yoga & meditation sessions
- Soul Photography Session
-  Voice Activation + Healing Circles

Bring your own tent and sleeping necessities

21-23 June 2019
Location: Buitencentrum de Heikop, Brunssum, The Netherlands

Send an e-mail to to reserve your spot. Spaces for the full weekend are limited to 10 women.


Jeska Onderwater - Cacao Ceremony & Voice Activation + Healing Circles

Jeska Onderwater is Dutch singer-songwriter, yoga teacher  and space holder who writes and sings songs from and for the heart. Her soft, angelic voice enters into your soul and takes you on a journey to hidden places and forgotten memories. Through yoga she discovered the power of mantra singing and started guiding regular singing circles..  In 2018 she felt the calling to start up a women’s circle and create a network of support and love by connecting women in the south of the Netherlands.  The Midsummer Women's weekend is the result of a year of women's circles, in which magic happened in many ways. During this weekend there will be a chance to dive deeper in your personal process supported by a circle of women.

Jeska draws inspiration from the different ancient wisdom traditions that she encountered on her travels through Asia, Europe and South-America. Her circles are guided from a soft, feminine energy creating a safe and loving space for you to freely explore your voice, body and heart.

Suzan Engelen - La Lente Vista - Soul Photography 

Every human being is beautiful exactly as they are. However, in reality it is not always easy to really feel like this about yourself. Many of us are used to compare ourselves with others with thoughts like "my nose is not straight", "I am not skinny enough" or "I wish I had more curves". Often I hear women say that a photoshoot is not for them as they don't consider themselves photogenic. I myself am one of those women. I prefer to stand behind the camera instead of in front. But this made me think about how I can change this conviction in myself and others. My answer to that is: connection! To connect with your essence, your soul, the beauty of your unique self. I believe that when you are in connection with your soul essence, you appreciate yourself just as you are. A beautiful human, inside and out. Yoga, meditiaton, music and creativity are all ways to connect deeper with that part of yourself. During this weekend you will work on a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. This feeling of connection and pure beauty is what I try to capture in soul portraits of each participant. Photos on which you can look back after this special weekend as a reminder of the feeling of connection. A beautiful memory to take home with you! More info and photos via

Rianne Toenhake - Morning Yoga

Rianne is a medicine woman in heart and soul. Guided by the question to what extent we experience life, she embarked on a journey to find answers about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. She is a medical doctor, passionate dancer and yoga teacher (RYT 300-hour Hatha and 100-hour Yin Yoga). Whilst enjoying the path of Life and embracing the present as a precious teacher, she enjoys sharing her knowledge. It's her longing to create safe spaces where people can express themselves honestly, open and free to come close to their true self. During the weekend she will embark both mornings with you on a gentle journey to connect with our females bodies and breath, as a fresh and grounded start of the day. 

One weekend of connection, song, dance, sharing & silence in nature:

YES, I want to be part of this!

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