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’She was called back to the woods,
she was called to grow deeper roots...´



This is a call to adventure. A call to all women who wish to deepen their sense of connection with the Earth.
It is a call from the Land itself to the women who inhabit it. A call from the Waters and from the Spirit that is present in all living things.

The call whispers about the wisdom of women deeply in tune with the Earth and her sacred ways, it whispers that balance can be restored by the feminine remembering her rightful place as a guardian of the land.

This is a call for re-connection, remembering and rewilding. A journey that helps to deeper understand the power and wisdom of the feminine in a world that yearns for it. A journey of reclaiming our sovereignty as women in balanced connection with the powerful magic and wisdom of nature.



During three consecutive Saturday afternoons in April we will journey together in sisterhood to deeply connect with our sense of belonging to this Earth.

We will go into the wild, sinking deeper into the embodiment of our primal wisdom by walking the land, moving our bodies, using our voices and deeply listening to the wisdom of nature within and around us.

The meetings will be held in the hillside country of Zuid-Limburg, just outside Maastricht, and guided by Jeska with the possibility of guests joining us to guide a specific activity. We will move through three differently themed Saturdays with (optional) soul-homework to do in between the meetings.

The Call of the Land ~ Saturday 10th of April 2021 - Element: Earth  
09:30h - 17:00h

The Call of the Water ~ Saturday 17th of April 2021 - Element: Water 
10:00h - 17:00h

The Call of Spirit ~ Saturday 24th of April 2021 - Element: Fire & Air 
15:00h - 21:00h

Elements of our meetings include*: consciously walking the land, tree wisdom, soul journaling, drum & fire circles, water healing ceremony, womb wisdom, sisterhood sharings, nature swimming, barefoot walking, voice opening, intuitive movement, prayer & song.

*As this work is highly intuitive and dependent on the formation of the group as well as weather conditions, some activities might change shape or be added to the above mentioned elements. One of the qualities of the feminine is her intuition and so we flow along and trust in the way things unfold throughout the meetings.



There is space for 10 women who feel the call to join this magical journey. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience with any of the aforementioned activities is needed.
However, this work can be deep and insightful in many ways, which is why an open mind and heart to receive the wisdom and magic of (your own) nature is essential.









Wondering if this journey is for you or any other questions? Send me a message at



Feeling a full body YES?! I can't wait to go on this journey with you! To reserve your spot and receive more info, sign up via the following form:

With love from my wild heart to yours,


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