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Water Blessing Ceremony

Water is Life, Water is Love


From a deep connection with the element of water and the whale and dolphin wisdom, we felt the calling to create a special ceremony to honour the waters flowing through our bodies and the body of Mother Earth.


Women are ‘water keepers’

Water keeps us alive and for it to keep its purest quality, it is equally important that humanity nourishes and blesses the water with our loving intentions.

Traditionally the women are the water keepers, the guardians of the water. They take care of clearing and nourishing the water with prayers and rituals.


This way of working with the water is ancient, simple and ever so important. We have a long way to go to make the rivers of the world drinkable again. We can already start working on more subtle levels right now, by remembering our innate connection with the water as our source of life.


The important role of water in the Netherlands

The low lands are known as a special place for the amount of water that is present everywhere and the fact that we are below sea level. Especially Zuid-Limburg is known for its many flowing water sources within the hillside country. Water carries information and vitalising energy, and the way we nurture it can greatly impact the healing capacity of water. This healing energy nourishes both us as humanity and our precious planet Mother Earth


A day of remembering our sacred duty of water-tending

During this one-day retreat we will connect with the waters of love inside our body as well as give thanks to the waters of the world We will come together for a powerful blessing day of remembering how water is life and how we can help it do its healing work by giving it our loving attention.


Feel warmly invited for a day of deep remembering and connection with the water. In a sacred and safe space, you will be embedded with heartwarming and healing sounds, water-like movements, vocal exploration and colorful creativity. In a circle of women we will gather to dive deeper and embrace the silent power of the feminine waters within us.

About us

Pia Brand

Music and Sound is universal, connecting and healing… my passion. I work as a Sounds Healing Artist and Sound Healer in The Netherlands. My passion is to organise sound meditation concerts or contribute to events, retreats, give one to one Sound Healing sessions so that people can experience the healing effects of sound by playing various acoustic healing instruments and particularly

by voice toning, as I consider the voice to be the most powerful healing instrument.


By sharing my ‘heart tuned sounds’ I hope to make people aware and remember their self healing powers of their body and mind including re-connection with the Elements, Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Spirit. Last, but not least, to contribute to make this world a better place! More info via





Jeska Onderwater

I feel deeply connected to the waters of love on this beautiful planet and wish to give my thanks to them through music, prayer & ritual. In the last few years I've been praying, giving and receiving blessings from many sacred water places in Europe. My love for the sacred water sources in the Pyrenees and for the majestic Atlantic ocean runs deep, as well as for the magical whales and dolphins living in it.


After many magical experiences, I felt called to create a special water ceremony for women to remember our intricate and deep connection with the water. I look forward to share water songs and other forms of creative expression to connect with the waters within and without in a powerful circle of sisterhood. 

Flow of the Day*

09:30 arrival & tea

10:00 opening circle + first wave of the day

12:30 lunch

13:30 second wave of the day

16:30 -17:30 closing circle + sharing

*this schedule is provisional as we'll follow the intuitive flow of the day, but starting and ending times are set already :-)

Energy Exchange

This day is worth 111 euros for a magical day prepared with so much love and care for you. It will include a delicious vegetarian lunch and we will meet in a beautiful space in the hillside country of Limburg. Because we want this ceremony to be open for each woman who feels the deep calling to dive with us, we opened up three payment options:

88 euros – Pond of Love Budget Option

99 euros – Flowing River Option

111 euros – Ocean of Abundance Option


Those who can afford more support those with less to spend right now; in this way we create an ocean of abundance and possibility for everyone who feels the calling to dive.

Note: in case the ceremony cannot take place due to C-circumstances, all payments will be refunded.


Are you ready to remember? Do you feel the waters calling?


We would love to dive with you!


Send an e-mail to for more information and to sign up:


it is going to be magical!

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