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Creative Guidance Sessions


Do you feel stuck in your creative process? Wanting to express yourself but something is holding you back? Or you are creating but looking for a fresh perspective, another way of seeing your art? Wanting a reflection or insight into your expression? Guidance with a creative project in poetry, music or writing? 

I know what it is like to feel hesitant in expressing my innermost stirrings, although it has always proved to be my medicine. I know how scary it can be to express myself, in whichever way I wish to do so. It is so easy to allow the voices of doubt and insecurity to cloud our vision as artists and creative beings. I believe our creativity is a force of life that wants to flow through us in a unique, beautiful way. We need your voice because there is no one like yours! The muses of creativity are cheerleading you on every time you immerse yourself in the creative process. But sometimes we need a little help to recognize them and allow someone to cheer with them and help us open up to a fresh perspective on our creative process. 

This is why I offer creative guidance sessions, helping you in the process of sharing your unique creative expression. In these 1:1 sessions of about an hour we will clarify what it is that needs tending to in your creative journey right now and from there we let magic unfold. My guidance is very intuitive and not bound by any specific theory or method. It is inspired by my experience of guiding creative group and individual processes over the years in different creative disciplines, as well as on my own creative journey as an artist from and for the heart.

Important to note is that these sessions offer guidance and support, but are not healing sessions as such. Therapeutic and healing effects can definitely be a byproduct of the process we engage in, but are not a goal of the session in itself. 

Sessions are available online via ZOOM or in person in the south of the Netherlands in my home in the surroundings of Maastricht.

As a reflector type according to human design I will fully open myself to receive your unique being and together we discover what it is that you need right now. The sessions can contain anything from identifying limiting beliefs to suggestions for practices that stimulate your creative juices or concrete help with a particular project you're working on. 

Topics we might encounter are:

- Overcoming limiting beliefs that block your creative flow

- Tools that help you get your creative juices flowing

- How to open up to and receive guidance from the creative muses

- Discovering your unique artistry

- Combining different artistic expressions

- Different ways of finding (financial) support for your creative projects

- Dissolving creative roadblocks in a particular project

- Overcoming the fear of expressing and sharing your authentic voice

Tools we might use during or after sessions (homework):

- Vocal expression and sound healing exercises

- Creative writing practices

- Songwriting tools

- Meditation, breath and bodywork practices

- Nature connection

- Practices to open up to inspiration from the creative muses

Sounds like just what you need? Let's connect!


To book a session, know about pricing or ask questions:

write me via the Contact button or directly to

I look forward to creating magic together!

With love from my heart to yours

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