True Love Never Fades

Rain is falling today and a mysterious fog embraces the mountains. More than usual it feels as if this place in the Indian jungle is the only place on earth that really exists right now. A vacuum of time and space in which the clock does not define what does or does not happen. I have sneaked into the kitchen to find some divine dal and rice in this late evening hour. Having been struck by a virus for a week now, I feel how my being wants to create, manifest and act in the world again. The last nights I fasted for dinner, but today a creative flow starts flowing through my veins at ten in the evening and I realize I need some food to feed the thoughts that want to be written down.

A vacuum of space and time. Have you ever experienced something like that? Moments or places that make you feel like the whole world stops turning, that there is only an eternity of being in an infinite space. I am sure it must have something to do with what Einstein became famous for. But I'm not here to write about Einstein, but about something far more important that exists in eternity and never fades.

I’m referring to this crazy little thing called love.

Is love not the unseen force that gives us direction? The largest power that can make us go through anything? The mystery that makes us meet each other over and over again?

And I don't mean just in the life that you are currently experiencing.

The virus that left me stuck on my bed for most of the hours this week, allowed me to finish Paulo Coelho's Aleph in three days. A beautiful, auto-biographical novel in which Coelho describes his journey on the Trans-Siberian railway. On his journey he meets the woman he loved 500 years before and with whom he still has to settle something in order for his life and love to flow through gracefully again.

Reading his story opened the door to pondering about my possible past lives and who I might have been. I am convinced that books come to you in the right moment, and it was no coincidence that I felt the need to pick up Aleph from that little bookstore in Rishikesh. I am starting to feel it all so clearly in my being; there is something here in India that clearly shows me I have a history here that is unknown to my conscious mind. Souls are crossing my path that I know I have met before. Stepping onto this land has given me tickling sensations in my body and a deep, inexplicable sense of belonging. These magical instances remind me that there is nothing that I have to do, apart from being really present and surrendering to the mysterious ways of life. My soul is guiding me, it wants to reunite with other souls, to resolve what is not finished, to help me grow in my being, to deepen the love inside my heart.

Love knows no question. It knows no distance. No space and time. Love is always there. Whoever you love or have loved, they are never gone. Always in your heart, always in your soul. The bonds of love cannot be broken, they continue forevermore. The souls we meet are mirrors for us. True love is eternal. This is why we recognize our friends and lovers the first time we hug them or look into their eyes. They were already there, inside of us, patiently waiting to meet us again. If you remember an encounter with someone that resonates with this description, keep them close in your heart. If you know there is more for you to learn from them, then cherish that connection, don't let it slip away just because the mind cannot grasp it.

And remember the opposite too, if the mind has grown attached to a soulmate, don't try to hold on to them just because you are afraid to lose. You will know when it's time to let go. And there is nothing to be afraid of, because your love will never be lost. Only a little courage and an honest look in the face of truth are needed to walk through that door. Knowing that if one door closes, another will open. Life is change and if we wish to evolve, we need to follow the ever-flowing river.

Now if these words resonate with you, anchor them in your heart. But remember that after all these are mere words, and love... is an experience.

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